Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Law Updates for October 8, 2010

McFadden, 35 FLW 556, Fla, Discovery, oral or unrecorded witness statements - State is not required to disclose to def an oral, unrecorded witness statement if that statement does not materially change a prior recorded statement previously provided to the def by the state. Here the oral statement occurred before the def's sister made any recorded case related statements.

K.J.F., 35 FLW 2170, 1st DCA, A juvenile who has committed a qualifying offense does not qualify a as a sex offender where adjudication of delinquency has been withheld.

Bruce, 35 FLW 2185. 5th DCA, Similar Fact Evidence - In sex battery case, trial court did not err in admitting evidence of def prior sexual battery of a different victim. The evidence demonstrated a clear pattern of conduct, and was relevant to corroborate the victim's testimony and rebut def's claim of fabrication.

Jimenez, 35 FLW 2186, 5th DCA, Def is not entitled to be discharged pursuant to 3.191 when the state filed an information within the speedy trial period, but does not notify the def until after the speedy trial period expires. CONFLICT CERTIFIED, cites other case.

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