Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Law Updates for October 22, 2010

L.O., 35 FLW 2253, 4th DCA, Officer dispatched to armed robbery in progress by BOLO described suspects simply as two black males, one wearing a black shirt and shorts, and other wearing a black shirt and red pants. Did not have founded suspicion to detain juvenile, who was wearing long black shorts and a black shirt, and walking alone down the street in a black neighborhood in the middle of the afternoon, outside the perimeter of the crime scene. Juvenile not required to give his name since not lawfully detained. Error to deny JOA for Resisting Arrest without Violence.

Munoz, 35 FLW 2263, 3rd DCA, Self-defense - Trial court did not abuse discretion by prohibiting the defendant from introducing reputation evidence in the community for carrying firearms unless def could first demonstrate that, prior to the shooting, he was aware of victim reputation in the community for possessing firearms.

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