Thursday, October 21, 2010

Law Updates for October 15, 2010

Austin, 35 FLW 2205. 1st DCA. general behavior patterns of drug trafficking - The discovery of cocaine in rental vehicle was driven by defendant and rented by wife. Error to allow highway trooper to testify that it was a practice of drug dealers to use vehicles rented in someone else's name to transport drugs. Error not harmless

Flores, 35 FLW 2209, 3rd DCA, Six year cap for VOP/VCC does not apply even when new charges are dismissed or nolle prossed - Conviction in the new case need not precede sentencing on the
probation violation as long as the court determining the violation has sufficient evidence that def committed the new offense, 4th DCA language cited in this opinion according to the 3rd DCA is dicta. see Rogers, 972/1017(4th DCA 2008)

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