Saturday, January 28, 2012

Grow Houses in Rental Homes

Hydroponics operations are often found within foreclosed and abandoned homes, however, such operations are also run in rental homes.

Many marijuana growers in Palm Beach County rent homes from landlords as tenants solely for the purpose of creating a grow house within the space. Growers typically look for homes in Palm Beach County with large attic space to accommodate the technology that will be used. In homes with sparse attic space, holes are cut in walls to provide for adequate ventilation. Operations are also run underneath the rental space to provide the needed ventilation. Ventilation is needed in grow houses not only because of the high intensity lamps utilized but also because the irrigations systems used for plant grown cause dampness in the home. In addition to physically altering the residence for ventilation, specialized curtains, flooring, and insulation are also used and modified to reduce the heat within the house.

Hydroponics operations in rental homes are discovered by landlords requesting to inspect the property. Many people rent homes and never even see their landlords throughout the entire lease period. Landlords have the contractual right under the lease to inspect their rental properties upon giving merely 24 hour notice to renters. Many landlords in Palm Beach County are wary of the fact that growers utilize rental homes for grow houses. When they begin to notice hydroponic materials, unusual modifications to the home, reports of high power usage, or even mold, they may request to enter the home themselves or report their findings to police officers in Palm Beach County.

Landlords are especially cautious when they suspect marijuana is being grown in their rental homes because Florida law allows charges to be brought against a homeowner or landlord who knowingly owns a house being used to grow marijuana, even if he or she does not live there. Typically, when landlords merely suspect that such an operation is underfoot, they will report their suspicions immediately to local law enforcement to protect themselves from prosecution.

If you or a loved is facing charges in connection with the operation of a Grow House in Palm Beach County, contact a Palm Beach County Criminal Defense lawyer today.