Friday, August 26, 2011

Law Updates for August 19, 2011

Herron, 36 FLW 1731, 3rd DCA, Pat Down after traffic stop - Defendant who had been ordered to place his hands on the roof of the vehicle: illegal where the officer did not have reasonable suspicion that the defendant was armed with a dangerous weapon.  Evidence of defendant's nervousness and officer's hunch that " there was something going on" is insufficient to have a reasonable suspicion that defendant was armed with a dangerous weapon.

Fleming, 36 FLW 1764, 4th En Banc, Sufficient evidence exists to get past a JOA if a chemist, or expert, who is called by the State testifies that he or she tested a substance and the test yielded positive results for cocaine.  Testimony of forensic chemist stating she found powder cocaine in a pipe discarded by the defendant and amount was too small to be weighed, but was present, is enough to support charge and deny JOA.

A.M.O., 36 FLW 1766, 4th DCA, L & P,  Judgment of guilt for loitering and prowling improper where officer did not afford the juvenile the opportunity to identify himself, and where the explanation given by juvenile for his presence should have dispelled alarm and immediate concern if believed by the arresting officer and was, in fact, believed by the trial judge, according to the record.

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