Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Law Updates for August 12, 2011

Knipp, Keiser, 36 FLW 1653, 4th DCA, Withholding information from medical practitioner - Statute does not qualify withholding of information by requiring an affirmative request for such information.  No error in granting motion to dismiss drug trafficking charges where it is undisputed that the def's possessed prescriptions issued by license practitioner in the normal course of business.  Good case.

D.F. 36 FLW 1679, 3rd DCA, Investigatory sweep at apartment complex - Juvenile was sitting on stairway in apt complex at the time multiple armed officers wearing bulletproof vests surrounded the complex. Guns were drawn, officers approached area where the juvenile was sitting.  He was "seized" when he discarded bag of marijuana after seeing the officers. Reasonable person in juvenile's position would believe police activity directed at him, not free to leave and submitted to police authority.  Trial court properly granted motion to suppress contraband found in search of juvenile after his arrest.

Wiggs, 36 FLW 1688, 2nd DCA,  Dog sniff, No probable cause  - Dog's field accuracy rate was insufficient to establish a fair probability that drugs would be found following an alert where the dog's field performance records indicated that the dog had conducted 17 vehicle sniffs and alerted to presence of drugs 14 times, but drugs were only found after 4 of those tests.  Good detailed opinion about evaluation of dog's alerts and what they mean.

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