Thursday, October 20, 2011

Law Updates for October 14, 2011

A.S.F., 36 FLW 2182, 4th DCA, Trial court improperly denied motion for dismissal where the State presented no evidence that the juvenile had any participation in the attack.  He was present and might have, at some point been aware that the attack was going to occur, but such knowledge would not have been enough to establish the required criminal intent.

Williams v. Lamberti, 36 FLW 2223, 4th DCA, Recusal granted by Appellate Court after third time granting Habeas Corpus based on an excessive bond. At the emergency motion to grant bond the Court based its findings on the unsworn statements of a prior lawyer who had previously withdrawn, and would not listen to testimony of the Defendant, i.e., that he had complied with the previously imposed flight conditions, and had not received notice of a hearing he missed to determine that the Defendant was a flight risk for a third degree felony.

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