Friday, July 15, 2011

Law Updates for July 8, 2011

Moreno-Gonzalez, 36 FLW 360, Fla, Failure of officer to sign an affidavit in support of search warrant did not render the warrant invalid.  All the surrounding circumstances clearly and without dispute demonstrate that the entire written affidavit in support of search warrant was initialed and sworn to under oath before the judge who issued the warrant.  There was no evidence of unlawful or malicious conduct or intent on behalf of the police.

D.J., 36 FLW 363, Fla., Trespass on school property - Evidence was not sufficient to prove that a juvenile was warned by a person of authority where the security guard who warned the juvenile to leave school grounds stated her only job was to monitor students behavior.  No evidence this person was vested with this power by the principal to restrict access to school property.

Vardman, 36 FLW 1405, 4th DCA, Judicial vindictiveness - After plea offer rejected by the defendant, defendant was  sentenced to 30 years.  Case discusses the totality of circumstances and the four factors laid out in Wilson, 845 So. 2d 142(Fla. 2003).

Wilbur, 36 FLW 1430, 5th DCA , Similar fact - Trial court erred by permitting state to introduce evidence concerning two earlier sales to the same confidential informant, evidence which was not relevant to case charged and was admitted only to show def's propensity to sell cocaine.  Error was not harmless.

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