Friday, December 17, 2010

Law Updates for December 10, 2010

Cable, 35 FLW 705, Fla, Knock and Announce.  Exclusionary rule applies to violations of Florida's knock and announce statute.

Burke, 35 FLW 2610, 2nd DCA, Evidence was insufficient to prove that the child was physically or mentally impaired, for purposes of 827.03(1), by def's acts of twisting his arm, pressing against his knee, and holding him by the hair, cites cases.

Colbert, III, 35 FLW 2624, 4th DCA, Evidence insufficient to sustain conviction for burglary of the retail store where the def was standing in the area of store open to the public when he broke the side glass panel of the jewelry case, reached in, and grabbed several pieces of jewelry.  Fundamental error  for leaving the scene of the accident. 316.061(1) when the evidence is insufficient to establish "driven or attended" where neither owner or someone in possession of the vehicle was present when the def crashed into the parked car.

Wyrick, 35 FLW 2666, 5th DCA, Def was properly charged with third-degree felony, rather than 1st degree MM, for DWLS where the defendant had been designated as a habitual traffic offender at the time the license was revoked.  All three prior suspensions have to be for suspensions based on factors listed in 322.34(10)a 1-5.

Stelmack, 35 FLW 2672, 2nd DCA, Possession of photograph or representation that, in whole or in part, includes "sexual conduct of a child." - Error to deny JOA where the conviction was based on def's possession of several images showing faces and heads of children pasted onto images of 19 year old women lewdly exhibiting her genitals.  No sexual conduct by a child only sexual conduct in images was that of an adult.

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