Friday, July 23, 2010

Law Updates for July 16, 2010

Koch, 35 FLW 1483, 2nd DCA, Fleeing and eluding a police officer - Error to fail to instruct jury on permissive LIO of refusal to obey officer's lawful order on ground that 316.072(3)(obedience to police and fire department officials) that the statute only applied to emergency situations. Trial court was requested to instruct the jury on offense where elements were alleged in information and evidence of those elements were presented at trial.

Kiss, 35 FLW 1506, 4th DCA, DSP/GT - Trial court committed fundamental error by failing to instruct the jury, pursuant to 812.025, that it could not return a guilty verdict on both charges of grand theft and dealing with stolen property when charges arise in connection with one scheme or course of conduct. Trial court did not properly cure such error by adjudicating the def guilty for DSP and discharge to the GT. Remand for new trial rather than reversing lesser offense conviction and affirming greater. Conflict certified.

Tamulonis, 35 FLW 1535, 2nd DCA, Officers not required to procure a search warrant or subpoena prior to obtaining controlled substance records from pharmacies. Error to grant motion to suppress patient profiles and prescriptions obtained from pharmacies without a subpoena or warrant. Statute, 893.07(4) requiring pharmacists to maintain controlled substance records, including prescription records, and to make records available for inspection and copying by police does not violate constitutional privacy provisions under the Florida constitution, Carter 23 So. 3rd 798(1 DCA 2009).

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