Monday, April 26, 2010

Law Updates for April 23, 2010

S.B., 25 FLW 841, 4th DCA, Juv, resisting without violence, fleeing - Error to deny JOA where there was no command by the officer to stop at the time. The juveniles began to flee upon seeing officers and no evidence that juveniles knew of officers intent to detain them. Flight alone is not enough to sustain the charge, Clark 976/1225(4th DCA 2008) and Parker, 18 So, 3d 555(1st DCA 2008)

Bannister V. Lamberti, 35 FLW 873, 4th DCA, pretrial detention - Error to enter order of pretrial detention where the def failed to appear at the arraignment for GT without finding that no further conditions of release would assure the def's presence at trial, although the trial court did not make express finding that the failure to appear was willful. No such finding was necessary where the def did not place her conduct in failing to appear at issue.

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